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JSS aims to become a multi-platform sound system distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) (with slight special exception to allow static linking). It is written in almost 100% Object Oriented Pascal (with some parts written in hand-optimized i386 assembler for maximum speed) and is designed for the 32-bit Free Pascal Compiler. JSS already supports various soundfile- and modulemusic-formats and has other rather advanced features, but read the FAQ to know more about the state of JSS.
News - Latest info

4.11.2002 - JSS is officially dead. I have not had enough time to maintain this project for over a year now, and sadly I'm now putting JSS officially into total hiatus. I may return yet, but if there are any interested people to continue this project, you can contact me via e-mail.

15.09.2001 - Released new libBaseAPI (version 0.8.7 still due to some mistake in versioning! Get it anyway.) Lots of misc. changes in JSS, including cross-compilation! I also updated the module format docs and added moddoc- packages to file-releases.

Stable release versions

The stable releases (there aren't any yet) are available at JSS File Releases Page.

Unstable development versions

You can either get one of the CVS tree snapshot packages, which are generated once a every other day or use CVS directly (instructions here!) to get the most up-to-date version.

Download a CVS snapshot:
Filename Type HTTP
jss-devel.tar.gz tar/gzip Download
jss-devel.tar.bz2 tar/bzip2 Download
jssdevel.zip zip Download

Download libBaseAPI:

You will also need the (very small) libBaseAPI library to use JSS, please see the documentation for more information. It is available through the JSS File Releases Page.

Other resources

The various resources that you may find useful:

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